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1000 CE Female Anglo Saxon Tunic Dress

Title1000 CE Female Anglo Saxon Tunic Dress
Entry #GGB2021.015
Alternate Names Tunic dress, gown,
Year1000 CE
Time range900-1066 CE
EraEarly Medieval
regionWestern Europe
Countries/culturesAnglo Saxon, England
MakerBeocca the Fair of Hastings
ConfidenceImage Example


A tunic dress style outfit with accessories common to many early or pre medieval cultures. Under dress in the tunic style, and a decorated over dress.


Few representations survive of early garments and many fewer extant examples, however what does survive would support much of what is shown here. 

The basic tunic style dress consisting of a linen under dress and a wool over dress featuring embroidered decoration around the neck.  Worn with a wimple minus the veil (not pictured) on the head. 

Inspiration Images

Common Materials

  • Fabrics:
    • Linen for Under Layers
    • Wool for outer Layer
    • Linen or silk for the wimple and veil
  • Ornamentation:

Effective Substitutions

  • Fabrics:
    • Some cottons
    • cotton/linen blends
    • linen/rayon blends
    • some wool blends
  • Ornamentation:

Ensemble Components

  • Under Dress
  • Over Tunic

  • Wimple and Veil



Source of Period PicThe National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings and Queens of England by David Williamson, ISBN 1855142287.
ModelDiana Hastings 020213-22 091413-06
PhotographerVincent De Vere

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