SCAIowa Garb Guide

SCAIowa Garb Guide

Examples of Historic Clothing used by SCA members from across Iowa, the Kingdom of Calontir and from Around the World

Introduction to the SCAIowa Garb Guide

Welcome to the SCAIowa Garb Guide.

The Garb Guide was started in 2012 as a resource to help new members in the Society for Creative and Anachronism across Iowa and beyond. It was intended to be a resource filled with different examples of historic clothing utilized by members of the SCA as they participate in our hobby of learning about and exploring history.

Newer members of the SCA often need assistance finding their path to the historic clothing that they wanted to use while participating. In some cases this assistance took the form of navigating unfamiliar vocabulary. In other cases it was discovering different cultures or navigating the confusing timelines of history. Or even simply needing some inspiration to discover a project to work on.

We have three main types of entries that you can find in the garb guide.

Components- Specific parts of an ensemble for individual items of clothing or accessories.

Standard Entry- A simple snapshot of an outfit from a specific culture, time period or place

Advanced Entry- Showing all of the different layers and some of the accessories that go along with creating a completed look.

All of these examples are projects that members of the Society for Creative Anachronism from across Iowa and from around the world have made and wear as they participate at events.

For each entry we try to provide you with the relative time frame that this clothing was from, the culture or region that it is commonly associated with, A measure of relative difficulty to help newer members gauge the challenge posed by different projects, and a measure of how confident we are that a particular entry represents a true example of something worn by someone in the past.

Included in on this website are blog posts consisting of useful information hints and suggestions related to constructing your own wardrobe for historic recreation as well as fostering a positive experience to maximize the fun that you find while participating in the SCA

The SCA Iowa garb guide was never intended to be a complete resource of all information about specific items of historic clothing, but more a signpost to help direct you down the path that you would like to travel. We rely on the information provided to us by the members who have submitted entries. There may be errors or omissions of information about various components, so as with everything on the internet it is important that you do your own research even after we have inspired you to dig deeper on a topic. We do strive to correct errors to the best of our abilities when we can.

From all of us at the SCA Iowa team we hope that you find this resource useful to you and that we will see you soon at an SCA event following your path to Historic Adventure.

Helping New SCA Members to discover their own path to our Historic Adventure

SCAIowa Post Archive

Many of the SCAIowa media posts related to costuming, getting started in the SCA and helpful advice on making the most of your Historic Adventure can be found here.

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Recent Entries

900 CE Jorvic York Hangeroc Ensemble 2

Title: 900 CE Jorvic York Hangeroc Ensemble 2Entry #: GGA2021.009Alternate Names: Apron Dress Year: 900Time range: 900-1000CEEra: Early MedievalGender: Femaleregion: Western EuropeanCountries/cultures: Norse, Viking, EnglandMaker: Æsa HelgulfsdottirFrom: Barony of Endless Hills, ÆthelmearcDifficulty: 5Confidence: Speculative Reconstruction These entries are taken from the participants in the Calontir Clothing Challenge (C3) which ran from 10/1/2020-1/31/2021. The C3 challenged artisans…

Male Japanese Kasode, Hakima and Eboshi 1

TitleMale Japanese Kasode, Hakima and Eboshi 1Entry #GGB2021.103Alternate Names YearTime rangeEraGendermaleregionJapanCountries/culturesJapanMakerNakos TheodorosidesDifficulty2ConfidenceImage Examples Intro: No information provided Description: No information provided Inspiration Images Common Materials Fabrics:Ornamentation: Effective Substitutions Fabrics:Ornamentation: Ensemble Components Accessories Source/Links Version2date3/6/2021Source of Period Pic ModelNakos Theodorosides 020213-15PhotographerVincent De Vere  

1300 CE Female Russian Opasten Coat

Title: 1300 CE Female Russian Opasten CoatEntry #: GGB2021.044Alternate Names:  Year: 1300Time range: Era: High medievalGender: Femaleregion: Eastern europeCountries/cultures: RussiaMaker: Sofia la RusDifficulty: 3Confidence: Not Provided Intro: Description: Inspiration Images Common Materials Fabrics:Ornamentation: Effective Substitutions Fabrics:Ornamentation: Ensemble Components Accessories Source/Links Version: 2date: 03/1/2021Source of Period Pic: Model: Sofia la RusPhotographer: Vincent De Vere