Clothiers Walk Through History Sign Up

New for 2022 – This is where you can pre-register for the Walk Through History. To make it easier for folks to participate, you can provide the information about your garment here and we will have a printed sheet waiting for you during the line up. No trouble reading handwriting, no trying to find time in a busy day to fill out the card. What could be easier?

In addition – we’d like to ask you to also agree to allow us to include your entry in the Garb Guide. The Garb Guide is a resource for our new members who are still deciding what clothing they might be interested in pursuing as they develop within the SCA. All styles, cultures, and difficulty levels of clothing is useful for the guide as we are trying to represent the breadth of what is worn is the SCA.

In order to include your work in the Garb Guide, we’ll need a couple additional pieces of information and a signed consent form to include your image on the site. To opt into the Garb Guide, there will be a question at the end of the section for the Walk Through History which will take you to the additional information we’ll need to include you on the site.

We will stop accepting online submissions through this form on the Wednesday before Clothiers. After that you can sign up at Clothiers to participate the day of the walk through history.

If you have questions about the Garb Guide, feel free to contact us at or check out the Garb Guide itself here.