Submit an Entry

Would you like to contribute to the garb guide by submitting your own pieces? That’s great, we’re always happy to have more entries for the guide. Whether your first self-made clothing or your latest masterwork, all levels of makers are encouraged to submit.

Before we can add your work to the guide, though, here are things you need to know:

1: Determine What Kind of Entry You’ll be Submitting

There are Three Types of entries you can submit to the Garb Guide: The Standard Entry, The Advanced Entry, and the Component Garb Guide Entry. To learn more about these entry types, click the image above to go to the explanation page.

2: Gather the information you’ll need to submit

Depending on the type of entry you want to submit, you may need different things. Checking the form is a great place to start, but here’s some basics:

For more information about the submission process, Click the image above or here.

3: Complete the Submission Form

The Component or Basic Entry form may take you 10 minutes or so to complete, the Advanced form will take longer. We suggest that you type out what you would like to include as your description of the piece and any longer narrative pieces using a word processor (like Word or Google Docs) to catch any typos. Click here to access the forms

4: Email us your pictures/complete the release form

When you have finished submitting the form, there are still two more steps to take:

  1. Remember to email us the pictures to include – or provide us an easy place where we can download them. If you are submitting an advanced entry, be sure to make it clear which pictures go with which layer. We can guess, but it may go poorly
  2. You (and your photographer) must sign the appropriate release forms. We will send these to you using Adobe EchoSign. It should just be a couple quick clicks to complete the information and signatures needed.