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600 CE Norse Klappenrock over Tunic

Title600 CE Norse Klappenrock over Tunic
Entry #GGB2021.0005
Alternate Names Klappenrock, warriors coat, Viking coat
Year600 CE
Time range600 – 900 CE
EraEarly medieval
regionNorthern Europe
Countries/culturesNorse, Viking
MakerVincent De Vere, Kristine nic Tallieur
ConfidenceImage examples/ fragmentary evidence


A tunic and an outer layer coat associated with Norse cultures.  The front panels cross over each other and the coat is held closed with a belt.  Often trimmed with tablet woven trim and possibly fur. 


Wool coat lined with linen decorated with a tablet woven band.  The coat is shown over a Bocksten style tunic and under tunic.  Often associated with fragments found in Haithabu

Inspiration Images

Common Materials

  • Fabrics:
    • Wool 2/2 twill
    • cross twill
    • diamond twill
    • herringbone twill
    • wool that could be lined with will or linen. 
  • Ornamentation:
    • Tablet woven trim in wool, linen, or silk. Possibly brocaded with metal.
    • Embroidery

Effective Substitutions

  • Fabrics:
    • Wool blends
    • linen blends
  • Ornamentation:
    • Appropriately patterned commercially woven trim
    • Inkle-woven Trim
    • Tablet woven trim
    • Cotton or poly thread

Ensemble Components

  • Birka style coat
  • Bocksten cut tunic
  • Bocksten cut under tunic

  • Pants
  • Shoes


  • Belt
  • pouch
  • Simple Hat
  • leg wraps



Source of Period PicSutton Hoo Helm decoration, British museum 
PhotographerVincent De Vere

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