Full Entry, Male

1200 CE Parti colored Heraldic Surcote

Title: 1200 CE Parti colored Heraldic Surcote
Entry #: GGB2021.042
Alternate Names: Sleeveless surcote, heraldic surcote 
Year: 1200
Time range: 1200-1300 CE
Era: High medieval
Gender: Male
region: Europe
Countries/cultures: Europe
Difficulty: 1
Confidence: Image Examples


Parti-colored surcote over long sleeved tunic displaying heraldic colors


A style used over a long range of areas and times.  Generally starting in or before 1200’s CE and extending into the 1300’s as well as being similar to heraldic tabards and shifting into livery coats.  This over layer could take the place of some warmth layers, be used as an over layer for work clothes but we often associate it with livery colors, where members of servants in a household are dressed in matching outer garments to show their association with their household.  These could also be worn over armor for identification on the battlefield. 

This example represents a simple parti-colored heraldic surcote, split for riding, displaying the Kingdom livery colors and badge.  Layers under the surcote in this case are an undershirt, braies and hosen as well as turn shoes.

This example is made out of linen for use in hot weather.

Inspiration Images

Common Materials

  • Fabrics:
    • Wool outer layers
    • Linen for lining
  • Ornamentation:

Effective Substitutions

  • Fabrics:
    • cottons
    • cotton blends
    • linen
    • linen blends
    • wool blends
  • Ornamentation:

Ensemble Components

  • Undershirt
  • surcoat

  • pants or hosen
  • turn shoes or boots


  • belt
  • pouch
  • dagger
  • purse
  • coif
  • hat or hood


Version: 2
date: 3/1/2021
Source of Period Pic:
Model: Matsunaga Kagetora
Photographer: Vincent De Vere

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