Top Suggestions for Beginning your Journey through Historic Clothing in the SCA

This is a collection of some of our top hints and suggestions for new members to the SCA as they begin to fill our their wardrobe of historic clothing.

For years we have helped new members in our area and beyond start their journey through historic clothing and learned much from mistakes we and other have made, and also from conversations with people on their own journey

Feel free to browse through these selections of articles essays and classes written over the past few years.

Please remember that there are many ways to make this journey and that our answers might not be yours. We encourage you to talk to other SCA members to learn the lessons and wisdom that they can provide. And as with all knowledge on the internet, take it with a grain of salt and more reseaserch from experts on the topic is a good thing.

Posts of Interest

Where Should I Get Started With My SCA Historic Clothing?

There isn’t just one way to get started with historic clothing in the SCA. This article talks about finding your path based on a few common deciding factors.

Where Do You Find The Patterns To Make All The Historic Clothing?

In the SCAIowa Garb Guide you can find many different styles of garments, but where did all of the SCA members find the patterns to make them? There is more than one right answer and the right answer for you depends on several factors.

Making A Wardrobe Plan

The adventure you are starting in the Society for Creative Anachronism can feel like a dainting uphill climb. It can almost feel like you are starting out in last place with everyone else miles ahead.

The trick is to realize that you fun happens along your journey to Historic Adventure, you aren’t behind, you are just starting at a different time from your new friends. Any adventure can be less stressful if you make a plan and this excerpt from a newcomer class talks about making a plan so that you can get the wardrobe of historic clothing that you want without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed.

What To Do After You Find Your Style

There are a lot of different styles presented in the SCAIowa Garb Guide. After you find a look that you like

Things to Consider When Buying Fabric For SCA Projects in Iowa

The SCAIowa Garb Guide project was started for SCA members living in Iowa but it soon expanded beyond the borders of our state.

In Iowa we face a lot of challenges when it comes to buying supplies for our hobbies. SCA members from larger communities or different states may have more access to retailors that sell the supplies we need, but for those of us from more rural regions, the where to get supplies is a question that looms over many projects

Chatelaine and SCA Recruiter use of the SCA Iowa Garb Guide

Recruiters and Chatelaines in groups around the SCA may find these resources useful in assisting newer members. We have found the Garb Guide project useful since it was created in 2012 but we have also learned a few tips along the way we can pass along.